Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Research Study Enrolling Now

If you have been treated for NSCLC, you may qualify
for a research study to learn if an investigational
medication can help to prevent NSCLC from returning.

Study Purpose

The purpose of the LIBRETTO-432 Study is to learn if an investigational drug can help prevent the return of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in people who have RET in their tumor. RET is an abnormal protein that can be responsible for cancer growth. You do not need to know if you have RET to be screened for this study. We will test you for RET during screening for free.

Currently, there are no drugs targeting RET to help prevent the return of NSCLC after it has been treated. Our study is researching an investigational drug that could help.

Key Details

Phase 3

This is a phase 3 research study. Phase 3 research studies are the third step in a four-step drug approval process. In this phase, scientists test whether an investigational medication is more effective than the standard treatment in people with a specific disease or condition. Study ID: NCT04819100


When is the study enrolling participants?

Planned for 2021 - 2027

How many participants are required?

Approximately 170

Will I get the investigational drug?

Participants have:

  • 50% chance of receiving Selpercatinib, the investigational drug
  • 50% chance of receiving placebo

Those who receive a placebo could be eligible to receive Selpercatinib later. Read more about how placebos will be used in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Who Qualifies?

You may qualify for this research study if you meet the criteria listed below. You can learn if you qualify after you indicate your interest in the study.


    A history of stage IB, II, or IIIA non-small cell lung cancer


    Have been treated for your non-small cell lung cancer


    Age 18+


Researchers in over 200 locations globally are looking for volunteers for this research study. The map below shows research sites currently open for enrollment in your region. New sites may be added at a later date, and it may be possible for you to travel to another location if there are no open sites within your state or country. You may also be reimbursed for travel or study-related expenses.

For more information, please click the I'm Interested button to be connected with a research site.

Appointment Overview

Your appointments will take place for up to three years, and possibly longer, if you're receiving benefit. Each appointment is a little different. Some examples of common appointment activities are below. You will also take the study drug twice a day and fill out questionaries between appointments. Research study staff can tell you more.

Approximate Schedule

    Participation Length

    As long as you are receiving benefit



    About every 2 weeks


    Appointment Time

    3 hours average

Example Appointment Activities

    Laboratory Tests

    For example, hematology, chemistry panel, pregnancy tests, etc.


    Vital Statistics

    For example, weight, height, blood pressure, etc.



    For example, CT scans, MRIs, etc.

Next Steps To Participate

Once you click the I'm Interested button, the following steps are what you can expect to happen next. You can change your mind about participation at any time, even after you are enrolled.

    Step 1

    Prequalify for Research Study

    Click the I’m Interested button and complete the prequalification steps online. You will answer questions about your eligibility and select a research site near you. Lastly, you will provide your contact information, which we will forward to the research site so they can contact you. You can also contact the research site with any questions before then, using the phone number provided in your confirmation email.

    Step 2

    Connect with Research Site

    The research site study staff will contact you as soon as possible to tell you more about the study and to answer your questions. They will also ask you questions to further assess your eligibility for the research study. If you seem eligible to participate, a staff member will schedule a time for you to visit the research site.

    Step 3

    Visit Research Site

    During your appointment, the research study staff will continue to assess your fit for the study. They will also give you important research study information, like the schedule of appointments and possible risks of participation. You will be able to ask questions too. The process of receiving important study information is called informed consent.

    Step 4

    Participate in Research Study

    If you qualify, you can begin participating in the research study. To find out more about what's involved in participation, review the Appo intment Overview section. You can change your mind about being in the study at any point. You do not have to give a reason for leaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

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